Thursday, 31 May 2012

well wrapped up

The afternoons at the Booth Centre for the project the warm/&/the/cold are times I really look forward to. The group of participants come from a wide social and cultural backgrounds, all brought together in this comfortable, welcoming 'homeless' centre. The conversations we have inform me, challenge my preconceptions and regularly make me laugh- they are full of frankness, warmth, honesty and gentle rib tickling. The group support each other, I feel very honoured to be included.

This week one of our team of volunteers from Manchester Metropolitan University, Hayley Mills-Styles showed us some of her embroidery samples, lovely pieces using recycled blankets, with machine and hand embroidered quotes from the sessions. Hayley has kindly arranged for members of her W.I to do some stitching for us, pieces like the one pictured below 'Pass Out Twitch'.

Yvonne and Hayley
This week our conversation turned to the effects that warmth and cold can have on your health- mental and physical. 'goose pimples on my arm, cold down the back of my neck'. Distressing stories of the effects of the cold from unresolved coughs, pneumonia, to deaths due to hyperthermia.

'effects your bones, friend of mine lost his toes, frostbite, a normal town, stayed out overnight, lost his toes.'

We discussed the effects cold has on the mind:
...'Depression. The more body heat, the more company, I feel fine....'

My recording of the conversation didn't match Phil's (away on holiday) and there were good humoured rumblings of missing his writing skills. (he will be pleased)


The collaborative quilt that I am leading on is coming on slowly, but every stitch, every word is carefully considered and sewn. Ivan (shown above) hadn't sewn before, but will a little prompting, over the cause of two sessions he embroidered his quote. The work takes on more meaning with every thread pull.

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