Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hellos and goodbyes: Sing me to Sleep.

Yesterday was a sad farewell to our wonderful group at The Booth Centre (Resource centre for homeless people in Manchester) working on the project Sing me to Sleep. The group as normal split into two, one working with me embroidering the quilt, one working with Phil on poems. 

People quickly became absorbed in the activity,  conversation didn't interrupt the business of stitching and creative writing. The theme today was endings...

The woods are thinning and it's dawn
Birds are calling to friends, it's still chilly
The sun is rising to start my day
Such a place, so dark and cold a place
A place of nothing, or less.
Today I am free from the evil place
But still do not know...
Can you tell me?

Phil Barraclough

Today and tomorrow we will be based at The Wellspring resource centre in Stockport, hand stitching more birds and the names of participants. Lovely to work with some familiar faces today, and wonderful to meet and get contributions from new people. Slowly but surely we get closer to our exhibition opening in Lithuania.