Thursday, 31 July 2008

funding success

Great news for arthur+martha and our project. Funding for 'Kindness' has been provided by the Clore Duffield Foundation through Sparks: The Clore Jewish Development Fund. This will enable us to start our new project at The Morris Feinmann Home, Manchester, working with older jewish people, and intergenerational work with the Delamere Forest School in Cheshire working with children with special needs.

Last week we caught up with some of the residents at Morris Feinmann, and created text/art badges with them. We investigated the theme of aging and public & private perceptions of older people. We had a lively and thought provoking session and enjoyed the sunshine in the grounds of the home. For more examples go to

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

sculptural badges

27th June and 4th July

The last couple of weeks at the Y Zone in Radcliffe we've been working with students from Riverside school to create text/art badges. Using photocopying, drawing and writing the young people created ‘one-off’ artworks, about identity and their vision of sculpture. We viewed the work they have created so far and a collection of sculptures to inspire: Christo, Andy Goldsworthy, David Mach, Claes Oldenburg, George Wyllie and Richard Long.

The young people re-created classical sculptural poses, such as Rodin’s ‘The Kiss’, covering themselves with their badges, and photographing themselves in mirrored backdrops. As ever their energy was enormous, and resulting text/art/sculpture fantastic.

For more examples please go to