Monday, 23 April 2018


There are moments in life when it all comes together.
Yesterday afternoon, our group where lined up along a large scroll of paper, deep in the most dynamic, joyful, playful responses to our song 'Dust' you could hope for. At times laughing and chatting, at times silent engrossed in the pleasure of charcoal and pastel, mark making, the lines dancing accross the sheet.

Johno and danny

It was the hottest day of the year (so far) the subject matter felt appropriate, we talked about the dust kicked up on a summers day and beyond; the star dust we came from, the dust we turn at the ends of our lives... dust created from our skin, the dust carried from one city to another on our feet, the dust of history.
This was an afternoon of the art and the art makers letting go, freeing up, relaxing, and vitally- finding a way to really connect to the music being made. We listened to Matt singing the song 'Dust', and people responded on paper, it wasn't precious or over thought out, but more instinctive and free.


One of the joys of working in a group on one single piece is the confidence you can gain from others. I include myself here, it can take me a while to loosen up, but working with others inspires, cajoles and gently challenges.

You can here the track at soundcloud

Matt and I found a rhythm in the management of the workshop to, yesterday it suited the session for Matt to be able to work one-to-one with people- a luxury you wouldn't get in a session run by one artist/songwriter... One-to-one means you can give undivided attention to someone, can see progress in confidence and skills so much faster. In addition its a wonderful thing being able to offer people a choice of activity. One participant who has been reticent about writing on previous sessions, started in the morning and with very little encouragement wrote all day, as the day went on we saw a real breakthrough in their writing, there was a passion to get down thoughts, examine memories, play with words. And then the obvious delight in having these words sung back to them.
We will have to wait to hear that song. In the meantime, Dust.

lyrics by John and Vincent

I was born as a child
Had no sense of direction in life
I created my own storm
But the storm created dust

Dust, dust, dust

I realized motivation
Is a part of my creation
I believe that growing up
Created an unstableness

And I couldn’t see much through the dust 
I couldn’t see much through the dust 
Dust, dust, dust

I was born surrounded by paradise
Where everything was there for you
Coconut tress, Mango trees,
and the Soursap breeze

Dust, dust, dust
I couldn’t see much through the dust
I couldn’t see much through the dust
Dust, dust, dust, dust, dust
Dust, dust, dust, dust, dust

Tell the sweetest fruit on the tree
of all the Birds I have seen
that Every years a mascarade
Beware the Mirrors on the face

sweetest fruit
As we were clearing up, Danny and I were chatting about the project and the after affects:
"That's what happens with your sessions, I've got ideas in my head I want to get down now.. I'll go and sit in the park and write." Danny
Artist Lois Blackburn, writing about the project 'Moving Panorama', with The Booth Centre and The People's History Museum Manchester. Supported by Arts Council England.