Monday, 28 May 2012

the gap

arthur+martha is working at a 'Buddy Cafe' for people diagnosed with dementia - and their carers - in Salford. We're bringing together the stories of the many people involved. Some of these pieces are interviews, others creative work.  This project is in partnership with Age Concern Salford and Salford PCT. In this blog, we share Ray's poem reflecting on his life and memory itself.

the gap

Forgetting? Frustrating
I want to remember
so I can pass it on
incendiary bombs burning all along

I worked in the motor trade
workshop manuals, technical data
very good memory
data, say, on a Morris Minor
traffic clearance, plug gaps
the points and
the gap

had me own workshop
I’d work on a mini
knew all the timings, the technicals
I can remember the first mini I worked on
before it went in the showroom
always a good memory
collected stamps
year by year by year

it’s locked away in here somewhere
the electrical points
Morris 8 Series E
with a side-valve engine
not an overhead
air raids
my father coming back
from the war

the gaps between them
I can picture in my minds eye
but have to wait for the words
a hiding game, remembering
it helps to laugh
if you pick up one thing
you’ll remember another

the matinee on Saturday
the cowboys
my dad, I can still see him
coming down the road
still coming down the road.

March 2012

domino poem

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