Saturday, 5 May 2012

salt and vinegar on the counter

"A few scraps on, I’ll have em open and eat em on the way home.’ Their not the same wrapped. We had a fish and chip shop. It was spotless." 

Lois writes: Day 2 at Bakewell Day Centre ran by Age UK. I'm testing or playing with the the proposal to draw other peoples memories. It's not that easy, I'm out of practice drawing, its like most pursuits, you have to practice to gain confidence and skill in it. So I took in my print making gear, and had a go at mono printing, there is no way  you can be neat or precious with the technique so its perfect to loosen up. With a stock of reminiscences from the previous sessions, some photographic images, and loads of paper I tried to illustrate the images from another persons head onto paper.

I worked with Irene trying to identify the shapes, colours, sizes of the salt and vinegar containers from the counter of her fish and chip shop. We also tried to re-work the outside of the shop. Its not such an easy job for the memory (I must look into the police's use of photofit!) images get muddled up in time. 

"Vinegar in a bottle, take em home if they wanted sauce. Counter had a marble front and top that was easy wipe down. Chips and fish or chips on their own, ‘leave em open please… served a few of them." Irene

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