Thursday, 24 May 2012

Blackpool sunshine: Project Object

(Lois writes) Although tempted to run down to the Blackpool sea front for a spot of sun bathing (we havent seen much sun in the Peak District recently) I was soon engaged in looking through the fantastic collection of Blackpool Souveers at the Grundy Art Gallery. Kerry helpfully revealed item after item of kitsch delight, shoe shaped ceramics, glossy cups and saucers, binocular shaped condiment sets, all emblazoned with illustrations of the Tower, or the Blackpool crest. These wonderful items will be part of the inspiration for my Project Object Commission

The workshop that followed this week focused on the theme of 'thinking in the round'. The group created beautifully decorated paper cups, plates and badges, the work was fast and furious, with a little exhibition created at the end of the session. delightful!

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