Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Bring Light Towards You

We're putting the final touches to our annual report at the moment, we've been re- gathering quotes from participants and audiences...

Bring Light Towards You, January 2009, Piccadilly Railway Station


“I think it's marvellous. It’s an EVENT.” (Louis)

“It’s good, it’s impressive. It hits, if you want to be hit… My parents went to Auschwitz… You leave your parents, your home, your country. I have letters from my family but I can’t bear to read them. This is something only a holocaust survivor will understand. It never leaves you.” (Susie)

“We’re showing what happened – please look, please realise this happened… it didn’t horrify you enough.” (Gilda)

“One should never forget such a terrible thing. To memorise the six million – isn’t it similar to remembering the birth of Christ? One of those things that should never be forgotten… I can’t think of a word that’s bad enough.” (Myra)

“It brings back all the memories - the young refugees arriving…” (Nita)

“To go through so much hardship, absolutely on the borderline – and then make jokes! It’s about themselves, make fun of the self… it shows the ‘someone’ inside. And humour to cover things…” (Peggy)

Audience, Piccadilly Railway Station 27 January 2009

“(The stories) are short and truncated, so you imagine something else around them…”
(Niamh Moore, Researcher)

“A lot more awareness is needed about the issue. It’s interesting to see the stories, kickstarts the imagination. Thinking about how you’re on a journey and how very different their journeys were. It certainly doesn’t offend, if anything its enlightening.”

“The Jewish community here is very reticent about advertising itself… So this is important, I think. Even the word JEWISH is important on that screen.” (Bill Williams, historian)