Thursday, 7 June 2012

text from St Helens

I've recently had some very useful feedback from Parr Care Home, for our pilot project 'text from Grandma'.

Texts have been sent out to relatives by the care home, of short lines of poetic reminiscence, the relative is then encouraged to text back with their own memories. They have had a collection of texts returned, however have struggled to get many mobile phone numbers, particularly from Grandchildren- as they just don't see so many Grandchildren- its sons and daughters that visit more often.

The success has been with the blog I set up for them. The relatives are really enjoying seeing what their mother, father, aunt or uncle has been doing. Particularly those who live further away. Its easy to share the address with relatives, and they have even printed of pages of the blog and posted them on the notice board.

The workshops have also given the home some good ideas for other projects, 'we've had no end of new ideas, like the Jubilee cakes we've just made with everyone, a three tiered cake, which was inspired by your last session cake decorating' Joanne.

It feels like we have a lot of ideas and good practice to build on for future projects. Our last sessions of this pilot will be later this month.

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