Monday, 5 March 2012

working memories

Lois writes

I've just had some wonderful news I secured funding from Arts Council England to start the project 'Working Memories'. 

This will be an Artist Residency spread over 6 months, in a Care Home, and Day Care Centres for older people including those diagnosed with dementia, in rural Peak District. During my residency I will create illustrated reminiscence boxes for use in the host venues, and digital versions for care settings throughout the High Peak and the Derbyshire Dales. Work will be inspired by the best practice in memory boxes, developing the way of working into 21st Century art practice; by utilising digital forms, I can add sounds, music and even film to their boxes, that can be shown on televisions in care settings.

As Lead artist with arthur+martha, collaborative practice has become part of my personal artwork. Part of this project will be an opportunity to pause and look at the parameters of this new way of working. It gives me a dedicated time to research, develop and re-fresh my artistic ideas, skills and technique, creating new work for publication and display. 

As with the best of new projects, the reality of starting it fills me with equal measures of excitement and panic! In the coming months will share my progress on this blog. 

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