Monday, 12 March 2012

Respite for carers

arthur+martha is working at a 'Buddy Cafe' for people diagnosed with dementia - and their carers - in Salford. We're bringing together the stories of the many people involved. Some of these pieces are interviews, others creative work.  This project is in partnership with Age Concern Salford and Salford PCT. In this blog, Betty a carer I met at the Buddy Cafe in Salford, talks about the importance of respite for carers.


He's clinging a lot more to me these days, clinging more than he used to. He's got his mind off it being here with the other men. It means a lot for me to come here, but not Norman. We were going to another session, and there were tears in his eyes, 'I don't want to come here' he was saying in the car. I said there are people trying to help, their there to help. He got over it all right, within 20 minutes it's all forgotten. I feel like he's taking me for a ride sometimes.

But he'll do anything for me though. He'll do the hoovering or the dishes, always offering his help.

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