Wednesday, 7 March 2012

More quilt inspiration: warm/&/the cold

Now I have started looking for inspiration for the project warm/&/the cold I'm finding it quite additive. There is some fantastic work being done by artists and designer makers. (all photos shown here with permission from the artists)

The artist Susan Stockwell has been doing some inspirational work with inmates from Wandsworth prison with Fine Cell Works. I'm looking forward to the exhibition at Manchester City Art Gallery and Platt Hall, entitled 'The First Cut' in October where she will be showing some of her works.

Fine Cell Work, City Shirts & Blue Jeans 2011

Susan Stockwell, Mens Shirts 2011
Mens Shirts, made in 2011 measures 3 x 2.4 m  Made by inmates at the Wandsworth Prison working with Fine Cell Works. Materials, recycled mens shirts.

Fine Cell Work is sustainable social enterprise, and charity. Prisoners get trained in paid, skilled, creative needlework undertaken in their cells to foster hope, discipline and self-esteem.

Susan Stockwell, Cot Blanket 2000
A Knitted map, measuring 56 x 37 centimetres.

Susan Stockwell, Gandi Quilt 2012

Gandi Quilt, measures 60 x 60 cm. A small quilt made as part of a series of quilts containg money with images such as Gandi, Florence Nightingale and Nelson Mandela. Materials: paper maps, money, cotton thread and ribbon. 

You can find beautiful abstracts from Diane Melms 

Diane Melms, Concentric Squares 2009

Diane Melms, Standing Together 2007

Also have a look at:

The artist Amy Ahlstrom who makes contemporary quilts that draw on elements of graphic design, street art and anime. and

The beautiful work of Natasha Kerr

A collection of word quilts at

Debate over the origin of 'freedom quilts'

And finally a couple of articles about the V&A quilt show and

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