Friday, 16 March 2012

get up and dance

Yesterday afternoon was spent at Parr Care Home, St Helens working on the project 'text from grandma' using the same themes and techniques from the morning. The atmosphere was different from the morning, we had a larger group and much younger care assistants. I found it interesting to observe the way the two generations responded to each other. 

Amy, (17) came with great energy and really got stuck in with the drawing and printmaking. Jamie had a really natural, instinctive and caring approach, genuinely wanting to help. Warren was called out of the group, as his services were required elsewhere in the home as 'the only care assistant who would get up and dance' It was great to see him back at the end of the session. As he left he commented: "I got upset hearing them all talk about their mums, knowing they've all lost theirs. I'm going home to give mine a hug!" 

Jane's 12 word poem describing her mum and printed postcard

Some of the group really didn't want to draw at the beginning, no matter how I sold it. Thankfully that changed once they saw their contemporaries having a go. They where often critical of their own beautiful drawings, but were all supportive of everyone else. Barbara seemed rather sleepy, but still produced a lovely profile portrait print, they remind me of Marc Chagall's paintings.

Barbara and her postcard

Alice's daughter sat in with us most of the session and was enthusiastic about the project and the idea of having reminiscence shared via the internet and text. She is the first recipient of one of the postcards.

Alice and her postcard

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