Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mum wasn’t violent but nearly clobbered a woman for liver

On Thursday afternoon my Text from Grandma workshop was hosted by Parr Care Home, in St Helens. Five participants, two staff from the home and I took our seats in their wonderful Summer House, and started the conversations about 'Make do and Mend. 

Unlike the morning this group was all women. A single sex group always subtly changes the dynamic of a session, they often seem freer and more willing to discuss more sensitive subjects. 

Sarah, Agnes, Barbara and Joanne

Conversations were lively, diverting from 'make do and mend' to nr fights over the rations. One lady enjoyed a little snooze woken magically by drinks and cake, after which she regained enough energy to join in conversations. I particularly enjoyed working with M who enjoyed listening to the group conversations but blossomed when given the opportunity to work one-to-one. She was aware and seemed rather embarrassed of her Alzheimer's, she would interrupt herself mid-flow with apologies: 'Gravy browning for the legs, got a bit of Alzheimer's, my mother got the gravy browning, if it was a tin practically gone she would give it to me'.  

From the reminiscence we devised 10 word edits of the pieces, which will be a starting point for a twitter poems. Lots of great material was gathered, these pieces stood out to me, they have a feeling of 'old sayings':

My sister, I was always little when she was big: Marion

Make it go a little further it might be mine tomorrow: Agnes.

Made plain gowns green with shadow leaves, little capped sleeves: Jane

I couldn’t make a pattern so went round the edge: Barbara

Mum wasn’t violent but nearly clobbered a woman for liver: Barbara

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