Monday, 30 April 2012

37 cakes

Thursday afternoons 'text from grandma/granddad' at the Parr Care Home, St Helens, was cake filled:

Victoria Sponge cake
teacakes hot cross buns (spice I don't like) shortbread (got to be scottish) scones and coconut macaroons loose biscuits garibaldi (used to call them archiebaldi's) coffee cake carrot cake wet nellies (each slice was moist) almond slice (got to get the right one) cream horn (haven't seen one for years) Marks & Spencer superior cakes apple slices dundee cake (ohh lovely good quality fruit cake nuts on top) malt loaf fruit loaf carrot cake ginger (a cake full of cream got to do me no good or what's the point?) genoa cake (not as much fruit in it see the sponge) lemon cake carrot cake (used in war time) banana cake madeleines parkin's (all right) chocolate cake (in war instead of eggs used vinegar) queen cakes (cut the top to make butterflies) rock cakes chocolate eclairs (have we done queen cake?) victoria sponge (the easiest to make) devils food cake iced buns (once you had the right one you stick with them) queen cake hot eccles cake fairy cake maid of honours (worse for wear)

group list poem

Alice's Honey cake
After lively reminiscence which you can find more of at the Parr Care Home blogsite We decorated iced fingers with names of their favourite cakes, a lovely word play allusion.

Marion decorating her cake

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