Friday, 6 April 2012

a gentle lady

As part of the pilot project 'Text from Grandma' I've been working with residents at Mayfield Care Home, St Helens. Sadly on my last visit all of the usual group were to ill to join me. However this gave me the opportunity to spend the morning with twins, Miss Dorothy Hart and Miss Vera Hart who wouldn't normally join in. They were a delight to speak to, often sounding as one as they fondly recalled memories of their mum.

Vera's hands
"She was a gentle lady very quiet, we've got our fathers terrible temper. Always at it. Mum wouldn't harm a soul. She always pleased us never herself, lovely we still miss her. With her till the day she died, the best mother in the world.

All we have is our memories, a lovely picture of our mother, gentle woman would do anything for us. Always walked down the street with her in the middle. We were the image of our dad spitting image. Always went out early with her in the middle 'they're they go'. The old fashioned type just us and our mum. Wouldn't be seen dead without her gentle she was.

Had fellas asking us out but always chased them away. She did anything for us always there always pleased us wasn't a bit like us. Old fashioned never wore make up never had her hair done, never wore scent. Couldn't pick a better one. We're no angels, wait till my mother went out then batter each other. 

Marvellous cook, and we can't cook a sausage we spend our money on going out. She'd cook anything anything at all. Only thing we'd do is egg on toast. A lovely woman. Very clever At cooking we were always bottom of the class rather use a tin opener.

Old fashioned ones, we like sentimental songs not jazzy if you know what I mean. Never been dancing, never mixed, dont like parties at all dont ask us. Can't stand having our photos taken, in town we hide our face if we hear someone saying 'oh twins' we hide our faces.

Twins Miss Vera Hart and Miss Dorothy Hart
Cats especially the big ones tigers and lions, love them all. Spent hours in the zoo wandering around. Fluffy lovely gentle don't like dogs. Got a thing about cats run off of the house if we see them and bring them back got piles of photos of cats. Entice them in love cats especially the wild ones. Burgled stole a great big picture of tiger of the wall.

All the cats used to come and go called them all the same thing. Favourite thing was the tiger. Loved Chester zoo, when it started going dark we would come home, stayed there all day."

Miss Dorothy hart
Miss Vera hart

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