Saturday, 14 April 2012

Blackpool, New Brighton etc

On my last visit to the Parr Care Home St Helens, we spent the afternoon sharing memories of seaside holidays.  Phil and I have created a simple guideline for selecting poetic lines- by trying to limit the lines of reminiscence to 12 words. These lines will be texted to grandchildren and other relatives, for the pilot of 'text from grandma' Some examples follow:

Lovely shrimps hot dogs candy floss toffee apples burgers smell the onions: Joyce

Trams click clik click clik horse drawn carriages always life guards about: Joyce

Photos of Joyce and her friends and family

house of horrors house of mirrors ghost train, put money n slot: Agnes

concerts on pier top singers & comedians & n the daytime orchestra: Yoyce

rolling pennies think twice about going n a shilling 2 have peep: Jane

going 2 chip shop down side street scraps as well in newspaper: Joyce

Joyce with a photo of her younger self

open air bathing pool New Brighton seas, water, down chute freezin water: Joyce

Photos of Joyce and her friends

Lots never had swimsuits vests in knickers big bums n everything: Joyce

Gypsy Petulengro
Gypsy Petulengro: all told the same thing and we all believed it: Joyce

head scarf n combs big dangly earrings sat n held yr hand: Agnes

Reading tea leaves always the same silly things a man n uniform…Agnes

Jane: 'me and my husband on honeymoon in Wales, a beautiful day.' 

Kiss me quick hats on n buy rock weather always nice: Agnes
Dad said tara to New Brighton see you n a few weeks: Joyce

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