Monday, 14 October 2013

Who would teach me?

Navratri is currently being celebrated for 9 days and nights in The Indian Temple, Oldham. A colourful shrine, decorated with flowers and fruit, had been built in the centre of the room,  a bustle of activity and conversation surrounded our workshop for the project Making Memories. 

Sushila's embroidered Nuno felt, work in progress

Today the group continued with their embroideries, adding elaborate decorations to their Nuno felts. Whilst we worked, I took notes of conversations. The following records Sushilia discussing her introduction to embroidery.

Navratri festival shrine

"When I was young...

I had a little daughter, when I go shopping I see designs, when I come home I remember the design in the shop window, I cut a piece of paper for the design, I make it- a dress.

I used to sew on the blouses, the small frock for my little sisters, saris, table clothes, all embroidered with sequins, sewing on the machine with a frame.

I just learnt. Who would teach me? my mother was busy cooking, and so many children. I was studying at school. As you stitch, you learn more, you teach yourself. I was just interested.

Shashi's embroidered Nuno felt

Navratri festival shrine

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