Wednesday, 4 July 2012

taz, he's a bit of a softy

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Morning session @ The Big Issue Office 9-12
Claire Parker writes: The morning session at The Big Issue office was quiet. I was sorry not to spend time with Joe, he did appear but seemed not to see me and was in and out. The two students were great, enthusiastic and clearly very talented having been to a session before they knew what to expect and got on with some ideas of their own. Once the ceramic painting was set up I went out on the streets with Nathan who works in the Big Issue Office providing vendors with magazines and support. I accompanied him on his rounds of the available pitches, met up with Robbo, Kev, Andy, Chris, Taz the dog. 

# Your'e doing well Kev

# Yeah I think I am anyway... you wouldnt believe the changed Ive made...

# I know why I was drinking, it was a coping mechanism....

# Once he's had a drink he turns into a different person

# A proper cooked dinner, chicken and mash and gravy, not cold sandwiches

# Dont carry cash … im sick of hearing that one

# Al the crap in my life … too many steps backward

# Every day its getting harder to get out of bed

# Im in that place where I just …....

# I dont....I try to stay content with what Ive got

# taz... he's a bit of a softy

Taz the dog, Claire Parker

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