Friday, 6 July 2012

coded by colours

Afternoon 1-3 @ The Booth Centre: Mcr Cathedral

The afternoon session whizzed by with Steve, Peter, Yvonne, Andy, David, Ivan & Colin. Alice worked with Colin building on his interest in a stitch or pattern he was interested in... at first saying he couldn't do it and then basking in the joy of having done it...

Alice's embroidery of Ivan and Yvonne
Peter and Yvonne beavered away working on some stitching and finishing off their collaborative project 'the teapot'. Alice brought  a beautiful piece of work having stitched some of the drawn faces of participants onto fabric. I was working on a complex embroidery of my own an embroidery of words with David.... he believed we were all wasting our time here in this place that it was all a monopoly board a game in which we are trapped- either in free parking or jail...the conversation was intense and tricky to follow, I was desperate to catch the threads he was trailing to make sense of he obvious bitterness and distrust of a system he felt trapped in. He talked of us all being numbers, all coded by colours and past lives. He drew a beautiful grid or map of this thoughts with a watching eye in the middle. I asked if I could photograph it but he said no, and later I found he had pulled out the page from my sketch book.

Alice and Colin
Towards the end of the session we were able to find a way to begin a collaborative piece on the large plate- placing hands to paint around we began the piece- perhaps a bit predictable – perhaps a bit cheesy, but I felt it was a lighthearted, fun and cheery way to end the session and a starting point for next weeks discussion and work.

William painting mug

Claire Parker

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