Saturday, 7 July 2012

Girl Guides

Accident prevention, metal badge, Rambler, Reading, Firefighter and Map reader badge © Lois Blackburn 2012

Lois writes: As part of my project 'working memories', I've been working at The Bakewell Day Centre, run by Age UK. A gentle routine has began to emerge, with half the day spent gathering reminiscence, the other half drawing/printing/creating artwork in consultation with the group. Creating artwork in front of people can be a little nerve racking, you are really on show- and the creative process can at times be messy- it doesn't always go to plan, somedays I want to rip up everything I do! It's a good reminder of how vulnerable individuals in our groups must feel at times, the importance of making time and environments 'safe' to experiment and play.

Homemaker, Metal badge, Handywomen and Camper badge © Lois Blackburn 2012

Last session our conversations led us to the subject of Girl Guide leading, and memories of being a girl guide:

"The Girl Guides were having their camp, it came through in the fields above us that the war had ended, nobody knew what to do, we were to young to really understand. The next day they had a big party in the village which was great fun. I didn't like camping, when I finished with the Guides said I would never camp again.

First aid, emergency helper, metal badge and First aid badge © Lois Blackburn 2012

Used to drive my mum mad, she used to sew the badges on all down the arm. 'you should be doing this'... I would say 'but you do it so much better'. (Joan)

Used to love singing sat round the fire 'coughing your not having it' used to say, then it was 'the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, in at the nose, out at the mouth...' Dib dip dab. 
I had 7 Guides who won the top award, always had about 30 girls in the group.  (Mary) 

They'd train you to do knots; slip knots, clover, reef, granny knot. (flora) I still hang my washing up on that knot. (Joan) 

Local History and Backwoodsman Badge © Lois Blackburn 2012

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Lorna Roberts said...

These are brilliant! I'm a semi-professional artist myself and I'd be proud to call these my own. They would look stunning on the pages of a magazine.

Love, love, love them!