Monday, 9 July 2012

freezing hands in my pocket

Afternoon 1-3 @ The Booth Centre: Mcr Cathedral
Cold weather.. freezing hands in my pocket

I thought the hands theme could have become something quite amazing, the stories that came up about use of hands. One participant had had a stroke and could no long use one of his hands, he spoke of his active, able life of all the amazing things he has done and how I would never believe the things he has done. I wished I could have found a way to capture his frustration and in contrast his fatalistic attitude about his future. I guess one thing I have learnt is the fact that we can't capture and make everything right or visible but giving it our best go and persevering in the face of difficulty like these folk do every day is enough.

David painting ceramic mug

Working alongside Philip and Lois has been again an insightful experience, observing their expert eye and ear for a poignant phrase or word. Leaving the predictable, the over- done, the obvious and getting to the heart of these peoples experiences in a meaningful, beautiful, simplistic way. A great learning opportunity for me- pushing and challenging my own boundaries and ways of working... something I would like to explore more of.

Claire Parker

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