Tuesday, 24 June 2008

a gathering walk

you are invited to our latest exhibition event at the Church of St James the Less, Spring Bank, New Mills, Derbyshire. Sounds, words, images and memories of New Mills, gathered by people of all ages. The evening will showcase artworks, digital slideshow, animation, poems and choir. Its free and open to all.

Writer Philip Davenport and I led a winter walk and follow-up workshops, and will be creating a poem/image installation with the gathered material. The words, photographs and sounds trace the imprints of both a winter walk and the people who went on it.

The aim is to ‘re-see’ through diverse visions of the world, to enrich people’s means of observation and to connect the contemporary landscape with its multi-layered deeper histories.

The results of all this work will be on display at The Church of St James the Less for one evening only, and will be part exhibition, part performance. The event is hosted by The Friends of St James, who will also be providing light refreshments.

Sunday 20th April, 7.30 - 9.30pm doors open at 7.00pm.
Collaboration project between, High Peak Community Arts, arthur+martha and the people of New Mills.

The workshops and the event have been supported by the Derbyshire Community Foundation and High Peak Community Arts.

Lois Blackburn

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