Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Football, crisps, friends and family

Friday 6th June

I worked alongside Rebecca Guest inviting the group to think about making their own piece of art using the topic of "what matters to me". Giving them limited materials of pen, paper, masking tape and their own bodies they set too with great enthusiam. Topics ranged from football to crisps, friendship to family.

We then took the budding artists outside to the sculture trail where I asked them to consider how they could use their enviornment to place their work. They showed tremendous creativity by coming up with repeated options and displaying their pieces, both using thier bodies and the locality as additions to their expression.

Christine Evans

more images www.flickr.com/photos/arthur-and-martha/

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arthur+martha said...

Friday was a really interesting day working with both groups of students and getting creative.

We talked about things that were important for them, this ranged from grandads to crisps.

I was impressed by the level of willingness to explore everyone showed.

It was great to be outside and hands on. Me and Christine both got a lot from the day.

The sculptures saw a lot of action and it was great to interact with the pieces that don't mean a great deal to me on their own. The students made the art and the inspiration for me.