Friday, 2 October 2015

On the road? or life on the streets?

--> I met Billy at The Red Door, Bury for the project 'The Homeless Library'. Here he drawers the distinction between people 'on the streets' and people on the road:

Some people on the streets, some on the road. Different ways of surviving. I’m just re-building my empire. Not in one town, I’ve moved from 16 years old, up and down the country. Up here aged 16, then back down South aged 17, up and down hitch-hiking since.

Salvation Army Hostels, or use whatever you have around- some tarpaulin, a sheet of cardboard, you can get away with sleeping in your clothes in the summer. I’ve always worked, nothing industrious, all sorts. You could travel across Europe, you could go down to Kent now to pick the apples, missed the strawberries.

Travelling Showmen, that’s part of my family. I’ve got a trailer right now. Had a house in the past, but I’ve come back to the road. Re-building my empire.

Detail of artist book, (Salvation) made in collaboration for the project 'The Homeless Library.'

The Homeless Library project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

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