Tuesday, 12 June 2012

are you rubbing my back?

Members of the buddy cafe in Swinton, discuss friendships and what the club means to them...These pieces will form part of a collection of poems, interviews and artworks that attempt to reflect what its like living with dementia. 

Joyce: I enjoy it very much, nice people, everybody's happy. Been coming here for years, I met Barbara here and set it off. Always been friendly with people, I help when I can. My daughter says to me calm down your 81 now, I say calm down I'm going to calm up! Have loads of laughs here.

Sue: I don't make friends, I just automatically come and talk to people.

Barbara: you look forward to coming here, go to the other as well at Humphry Booth. Do all sorts there, when your around people and meet people it helps you. All talking and having a laugh, at home your just sat there watching telly on your own.

Joyce: nice when you can go with all the other people, have a chat, speak to other people

Mary Dancing

Joyce (2) it means a lot coming here,  I used to shake- I'm doing better now, it feels great. I've only been coming a few weeks, love it. Not doing anything else.

Pauline: nice when you can go with all the other people, have a chat, speak to other people, keeping you busy. A bit of everything keeps your brain going. I think it's such and such a day today, you look forward to it.

Joyce: a lot of new people can feel frightened, so we welcome then in. Mary Ann's a lovely person, she really is. Keeping you occupied.

Barbara: all the years we've been here nothing nasty has ever happened. I get up about 6.30 and I've done all my hovering before I come out. 

domino poem

Joyce: I lost my husband, I've got to go out, otherwise I don't know what I'd do. When I first came here I didn't know anyone, but everyone's so friendly. In the afternoon we have the men come In here, give them their dinners, they appreciate that. They don't bother us.

My son looks forward to me coming here, he's happy that I'm happy. He's been on today  'you know what it is today mum?

Barbara and Joyce : I couldn't not come here, I can't wait for it to come, to have a chat and talk to people (are you rubbing my back?) Friendship= happiness. People come in and they don't know anyone, in a fortnight we all know each other. Your not thinking, your having a laugh, it's not like when your own your own. It helps your health, a good smile makes you. When your at a low edge, go out, if your down in the dumps it helps you.

Dawn (a volunteer) It's a different thing for each person, and they deteriorate at different rates. It's the unknowns that's the scary thing. My mum had dementia before she passed away, she needed a lot of care.

Vera (a carer) it's a God send coming here for David, he loves it. That's why we keep coming back.

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