Friday, 20 January 2012

living history

I'm in the midst of doing an early spring clean of my paperwork, and came across some photos that Sid Saunders, one of our group from Four Acre's St Helens gave me, photos and quotes that I never posted.... This day he was discussing his memories of holidays in Blackpool...

me, me 2 cousins, sat down on the sands at New Brighton, a bottle of water and a sandwich (Sid)

The coach would stop at the pub, the men would have a pint. Then the biggest job was getting the men out of the pub and back on the coach...

I can see them now, come on dad we want to get on the beach

Blackpool, I don't go now, I've got other fish to fry. (Sid)

I also came across this quote from Joan that sums up the isolation some older people feel: 'Feel like part of you is missing when your husband dies, you can be 18 hours and not talk to people- and I love to talk to people. I started to go to the garden centre on a Saturday to have lunch, just to be around people- nice if somebody talks to you.'

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