Monday, 30 January 2012

Dave: a weird and wonderful sense of humour

Last Thursday we paid our second visit to Age Concern Salfords 'Buddy Cafe'. More on that later. I spent much of my day photographing the people attending the group, you can see examples at I also had the opportunity to spend some time talking with Dave, pictured below. He spoke with great frankness about his memory loss. 


"You deal with the hand you've been dealt with. I was born normal, now I've got Post Cognitive Impairment, it may or may not turn into Alzheimer's. I was diagnosed 2 years ago, just before my wife died. She always thought I would die first.

Part of the brain died, that part won't regenerate. There's no treatment for it, if I open my eyes in the morning I've got another day to look forward to- to get on with.

It effects my memory, my long term memory is going now. I can't remember some family birthdays.

If I wake up in the morning I look forward. All the shit you've got- (can I say that?) its the way of the world. A sense of humour, thats whats got me through it all. Thats basically it. A weird and wonderful sense of humour. 

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