Friday, 12 February 2016


Coming Home Dusty, part of Fresh Air and Poverty, Janet Edge

Our Stitching the Wars project is centred around quilt-making. But in satellite around the quilts are many poems and reminiscences about changes in rural life between and during the two world wars. We have often discussed the difference in expectations between people of different social backgrounds. The following poem re-appropriates a little of Great Expectations, as a hats-off to another writer who dealt with the rich/poor divide in all its complexity. Here is Janet, writing a portrait of a much-loved Dad:


A big world across the road
Big lorries, noisy
Dad, he'd carry 
Heavy sacks

Bags as heavy as me and
He'd never come home tired
Into the little world
In which children have their existence

I'd have a walk up there
In summer
My Dad, Blue Circle Cement Works
Long time ago

Pause you who read this, think a moment
Of a very strong man, tall
Coming home dusty
Into my little world

Thirsty for a cup of tea
Then out in the garden
Digging up the little world
In which children have their existence.

Janet Edge
1 Feb 2016

Age UK, Caroline Court Day Centre, Hope

Janet and her embroidery

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