Friday, 22 July 2011

all in a bottle of gin

Thursday's library session in the morning was the best yet - we're gathering a really enthusiastic bunch of artists, embroiderers, writers. Two new people joined the group, giving us a total of ten folk participating from the community. The quality of engagement and making was excellent. Beautiful, thoughtful work was produced in the session and brought in as 'homework' - and again, many of the group took embroidery work away to finish this week, in time for the garden party. George has caught the embroidery bug, having started for the first time ever last week... Phil and I are very pleased as to how this is developing.

The pieces layer together the everyday poetry of conversation and the act of memory: childhood nostalgia, saucy postcards, teatime gentility, skipping songs ('all in, a bottle of gin...') oral history, humour, anger, celebration, commemoration. The teacloths, tea-cosies, tablecloths, napkins and ceramics are a coming together of many individuals. They mark a shared past, not only that of people in Four Acre, but of working people across a whole century in all their tragedies and triumphs.

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