Monday, 27 June 2011

orange, an apple, a shiny penny

During our session with the Bingo group in Four Acre, St Helens, a poem was created on the theme of birthday celebrations.... Thanks again for making us feels so welcome and joining in our activities with so much energy and enthusiasm.

couldn't wait to be 10
to be 11
to be 12
mother did a bit of baking
never a party
couldn't afford one
8 to a bed
13 in one house
a nightmare of the past
a spread and a cake
a cap gun – I love cowboys
little tin toys
a teaparty, told the girls at school
lucky to get a present
parents not working
eldest of 6, always poor
mother baked endless cakes 1947, 48, 49
lucky if I got a card

wish each other a few
didn't celebrate
such a lot of us in the family
great and
great great
went iceskating, silver blades
an endless pattern
Springfield and opposite the Baths
hired a disco
played your own
Saints got beat in the final
on my 18th
Cadburys Selection, an orange, an apple
nuts as well
a shiny penny
safe endless days
everyone was your aunt or uncle

we spoil our kids cos we didn't have it
enjoy life
an endless tapestry
share it with as many as possible
friends come to the house
grandchildren bring me things
I will stay 69
I'm not going to be 71 this year
I'm still here
that's celebration enough

group poem
20 June 2011
Bingo group, Four Acre, St Helens

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