Wednesday, 19 November 2008

listen again

Two programs to ‘listen again’ to: the first links with our proposed project ‘Patience’ The Material World, ‘Art and Perception.

“The analytical facts of science and the imaginative dreamings of art sometimes seem poles apart. But they meet up in the human brain through the process of perception."

In Material World this week, Quentin Cooper hears from a leading neuroscientist - Professor Colin Blakemore and artist Daria Martin about the process of perception and how art can link the senses in surprising ways.”

The second program is ‘Saturday Live’ which has a moving interview on Saturday Live 15th November with Susi Linton recalling her experiences of Kristallnacht. material directly relating to our ‘Kindness’ Project, and the event for the Holocaust Memorial Day, Piccadilly Train Station, Manchester.

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