Saturday, 15 November 2008

14th November 2008 Stepping Hill Hospital

we’ve been gathering evidence and responses for our project ‘Patience’ (formally ‘Medical Dictionary’)

Prior to the session in the quiet room, Phil and I met a gentleman waiting to be admitted to the ward. We fell into conversation, he appeared relieved to have someone to share his thoughts in his time of great anxiety. He has been suffering from severe chronic pain for the last 12 months and was facing the prospect of loosing his leg- As an active and independent man, this thought for him was overwhelming.

Much of my job this morning seemed to be as a pair of listening ears, with patients isolated by disability, or lack of visitors or over stretched staff. There is a fine balancing act between my passion and commitment to facilitating the art and writing, and the patients simple need to have some human company. The most rewarding sessions are when you can achieve both….

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