Monday, 27 July 2015

Rose petal perfume

The arthur+martha project The Homeless Library is the first ever attempt to write a history of homelessness in Britain. It includes not only individual testimonies, but also poetry and art, giving it a shape like no other. Look for more related blogs on this site, or befriend us on FaceBook.

Lois writes:

A discussion about gardening at The Booth Centre, Manchester took us to a Eastern European cherry tree, to making rose petal perfume as a child, to funeral flowers. A number of poems were written (one group piece shared below) and many badges. 

'Solve the mystery of life', handmade badge. Steve and AndrĂ©'s. 

The badges used recycled vintage books, print outs used as discussion starters for previous Homeless Library Sessions and a pile of faded flower pressings from my childhood. Some deeply-felt, some touching, some funny - many aspects of life reflected in a very compact 2 hours.

'Bloom up Love' handmade badge for the Homeless Library

'A rose for mum in spring.' Danny

Flowers from a funeral
Remind of a butterfly
Preserved, pressed, impressed,
Watch them blossom
As you get older, appreciate
Easter daffs
When you're older
You stop
Look: geraniums, roses
I seem to be looking at flowers a lot
My friends are passing away

Different flowers for different
Damsons and cooks define
Strawberries and cherries
My grandfather taught me how to get
Many berries from one plant
One cherry in production
As the summer is coming
It turns
Apple tree red

I know how to grow
This is my great grandfather's school
To remind me
To eat
To take to a harvest
To take cuttings.
Have you seen a many-coloured cherry tree?
A weeping willow?
Question: have you made
Rose petal perfume?

The universe all together is
Complete and perfectly unique.

Group poem, The Wellspring, 21st July 2015

'In the garden Bruce Lee kicking'  Emma.

Phil and I have loved our time at The Wellspring, thanks to everyone for making us so welcome, your patience, having a go at our creative ideas and your openness. See you in December.

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