Thursday, 1 August 2013

A fulfilment

Dave "modelling" his badges

We've been working with a group of carers at Warrington Museum, trying out ideas for re-labelling museum objects, using emotional connections with the artefacts rather than historical ones. This week we focussed on writing. Participants were interviewed about their lives as carers. They then inter-cut lines from these interviews with descriptions of objects that attracted them around the museum...


family smashing

the happiest times, relaxed in themselves

we're not going to be here long

let's enjoy ourselves

trumpets, tapping, making noise

sitting round in a circle tooting

they feel secure in themselves

the whole family were smashing


16 July


(Care) A fulfilment of what my parents did for me. They weren’t perfect but they dealt with the problems as they went on. Most of what I do, it's from things passed on.

Fostering. We had 5 members of one family, their mum had gone into hospital - there was no dad - we were on the emergency list, so at any time the blue and white could turn up and kids would roll out. "I’m Marc with a c… " The whole family were smashing, they were secure in themselves- we’re not going to be here long, so lets enjoy ourselves. Its one of the happiest times, they were relaxed in themselves.

It starts with them feeling happy in your surroundings. Take the percentage away that they feel strangers - it's not a straightforward job.

The idea of giving someone something that they didn’t have before, I don’t mind a being a little tired when I come home.

It's hard sometimes, you can't give children everything, but a bit of love and security goes a long way.

Caring, it's made me appreciate what I’ve taken for granted.

Fostering; I’d tell them not to be afraid of it, the courses are good, they’ve got their mind round it. You can only be honest. We’re the wall to fire questions at. There are no hard and fast rules. Be yourself, they will find you out otherwise whether theyre 5,7 or 12, If they’ve got love coming in they’ll be alright.

Don’t go in with a presumption of being God with a capital G. Give them a chance to come and speak to you.

Its made me look at them differently, I’ve got my own situations, its like looking through a fencing mask and gradually opening it up. I’m not a doctor but I can ask have you tried this or that.

There are a group of people who are prepared to sit and suffer. If someone was struggling with a situation I’d try and help, but not charge in.

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