Thursday, 11 October 2012

a homemade bogey

On Wednesday morning, Phil, Glenys (from Gallery Oldham) and I were at The Grange, in Oldham as part of the 'Making Memories' project.

Gleny's brought with her a collection of objects from the Gallery Oldham, themed around the Victorian Kitchen.  One participant commented when she heard we would be looking at the Victorian Kitchen 'I know I'm ancient but I'm not that ancient.' But as the morning went on, it became clear that the objects brought in where all still in use when they were younger. Participants reminisced about these 'antique' items, then followed by creating some beautiful prints which I share here.

'We used to race on bikes, and bogies made from pinched wheels, the Industrial North, the wealth of the country, the heart of the country.'

Used to donkey stone the Jambs as well as the steps, the stone strip used to come up lovely. That stuff would be difficult to get of your clothes. I didn't help, it was my job!
"Donkey stones, oh yes, give rags to the rag and bone man. Down South we were posh, put Red Cardinal on or scouring powder. Lovely pavements, all cleaner than now." 

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