Monday, 3 September 2012

spaghetti maze: blog

As part of the Spaghetti Maze dementia project in Bury, individual participants' reminiscences, reflections and artworks will be put online in a specially commissioned blog at

Lois writes:

Visitors to the blog can search for each person taking part in the workshops, allowing their relatives, carers and our online audience to share these reminiscences, poetry and art. Navigate the blog using some of the recurring conversational topics, like mothers, family, nuns, whit week, etc. As a carer at the dementia day care centre said when I showed her the blog: 'It will be great to be able to use this blog to prompt memories with their own words and reminiscences.'

Mary and her 'Maw' - her mother depicted in a legendary large hat

"I’m just thinking on her:

Maw in the hat, she loved that hat

dressed up and went to the posh side

came back with a bloody thing as big as her."

(Maw poem extract - by Mary)

The blog will be updated regularly throughout the Spaghetti Maze project, then handed over to the host venues to continue.

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