Friday, 11 November 2011

Enabling: Conference

Brilliant! Thanks so much Lois. Really enjoyed your workshop! It was so refreshing!
Val Hulme, Bolton at Home

On the 11th October at Bolton Museum I enjoyed listening to a morning of speakers at the Enabling: Inclusive Arts Practice for Public Health and Well Being Event. It was great to see what other arts groups are working on, share practical ideas and experience. Speakers included Clive Parkinson, Director Arts for Health, MMU, who typical to form, gave a great heart felt manifesto for arts and health. 

In the afternoon I lead a practical arts workshop Session to a group including Housing Officers, artists, arts officers... 

Many thanks, Lois. It was great to experience some of your work first hand and speak to you afterwards -  best of luck with all your future projects.
Sarah Crossland, Designer/Owner

I've been going to (and speaking at) quite a few conferences of late. Its been a really useful experience, at every event there is a mix of great and not so great speakers, and always lots of inspiration from fellow attendees. Its so important to get out and see what other people are doing, it seems particularly valuable right now in this time of economic crisis, that people are confident enough to share ideas, experiences and wisdoms...

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