Friday, 12 August 2011

Chester Lane Library - remembering into reality

11 August 2011

Yesterday we joined our regular group at Chester Lane Library, Four Acre, St Helens to reminisce, embroider and create poems.

Brenda embroidering salmon, cucumber and tomato sandwich.
'Its been something of interest to us all. If there wasn't the group would just frizzle away.' (George)

'I'm really enjoying the sessions. Great. You would never get a chance to hear all those memories normally. You hear someone and it triggers another thought in you and you share again.' (Eddie)

Eddie writing poem on doily

'You come away with a good feeling. Memories can be rose-tinted, but there were bad old days too and we look at them both. You can pick them up and you can leave them behind.' (Brenda)

Ray's Dear Mother doily

'We're turning the remembering into reality - into art.' (Ray)

'We've all made friends - we've all got something to share, something to talk about.' (Joan)

'I'm learning alot from everybody - the sessions are making me grow.' (Jeanette)

Mary and Joan working on embroidery

'I live on my own and sometimes I go many hours without speaking to anyone. This group means I can talk to someone.' (Anonymous)

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