Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Fennings little Lung Healers

Friday 10th October
Phil’s off in Berlin on a fact finding mission, I was back at Stepping Hill Hospital, with the intention of doing some memory drawings of medicine containers. Unfortunately finding reference material was harder than I thought (although just rediscovered my Robert Opie books which will be a help) and participants preferred to talk than draw… We had a great reminiscence session about medicines of the 30s, 40s and 50s, including Virol, Malt extract, Rosehip Syrup, Zinc and caster oil, Goose Grease, Syrup of Figs, ‘If your supposed to be stuck,
every Friday night a spoonful, called it Figgy Wigs. Wouldn’t have it unless a sweet came after.'
Bread Poultice, Fennings little Lung Healers, Yeast tablets, Dr Somebodies kidney pills, Mrs Evan’s Sticky whatever, Cod liver oil, Fiery Jack and Camphorated Oil......

Photo of Teresa Lawson © Lois Blackburn 2008, more photos at

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