Friday, 30 May 2008

Goodbye Marlhill Court

Its a sad day, going to see everyone at Marlhill Court for goodbyes instead of hellos. Itll be strange to be without those faces - faces of friends - familiar voices, the coffee clatter of Friday. The shock of it has stayed with me all day; the goodbyes keep replaying. The sheer pleasure to see people and the unbelieving that its over. No more arguing with Harry over who makes the tea, no more coaxing Rennie to write up someone's poem in her beautiful hand, no more Phyllis with her tales of tulips and and accidents.

I feel tremendous anger that older people, people at the end of their lives, are not allowed the dignity of a last few years amongst friends and in a place they know and love.

Not a good day, but I wouldnt wish to have been anywhere else.


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becky said...

Friday morning was an unexpected visit and felt right going back. It was a somewhat stilted and emotional coffee morning to see everyone moving out, but I felt reassured that they have the strength of character to make this situation a positive and that they will continue to be a community although not in the walls of Marlhill.

It has been such a human experience being a part of the workshops at Marlhill. Barriers were broken down and it helped to increase my confidence as both a writer and a person in general.

I was always amazed by the honesty and acceptance we showed to each other and how through our art sessions we were able to explore ourselves and build relationships.

I miss those mornings - but I don't feel it this is goodbye as the community spirit will go on with the wonderful people I met there.

Thank you to Lois and Phil for the opporunities they provided me with and all the residents of Marlhill who made me feel so respected.

There we are oscar speech over! but it was a joy

Rebecca x