Sunday, 10 April 2011

chosen by chance

Our new project in Four Acre has already produced some wonderful new art and poetry, and taken us to two new working environments- (my first art/poetry workshop in a Doctors waiting room and first in a Bingo Hall!) You can see the artworks at and below is an example of the poems- written by the lively group of Bingo players.

every sum we do
the teacher
gives us a tickle with the cane
balls against a wall
over under dropsy
bouncy, 1 leg, 2 legs
under leg, forward
hated maths, hated maths teacher
4 + 3 forty-three
“10 girl’s names I must know
wish me luck and away I go”
123 O’Leary
2 balls against the house
turnaround or do a forfeit
kickthecan allio
arrows out of sticks > follow a paperchase
a snail-shaped hopscotch
a hopscotch-shaped snail
neighbour said = “Don’t be drawing in front of my house.”
chalk the squares hop on the 1st then
throw a stone someone’s coming
manhunt, running away

in hospital, irons on my legs
pulling my legs straight
4 years with irons on
marbles draw a circle
all the 8s eighty-eight
milked over 180 cows in an hour-and-a-half
piggy wood shaved to a point
I’m a child raised on technology
favourite lucky pebble
everybody had 1
tucked in their knickers
cross the river over to Pilks
get the offcuts and use em for marbles
slight imperfects, ovals and offcasts
building big teams
7 + 3 seventy-three
hopscotch and trungel
guide it round with a metal arm
top and whip
mind I had to look after my bothers and sis
Grand National
always my sister’s or dad’s horse came in
I don’t even do the lottery
no calculators we’re using our heads
8 + 0
blind eighty
13 brothers + sisters
= my memories are at home.

Group poem

Bingo Night St Michael’s

April 2011

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