Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Big Bake Day

Last Thursday we worked on the Four Acre project-  we spent a very satisfying afternoon with Mature Matters, an over 60 group at the Leaf Centre. The lively group of woman, gleefully shared memories of baking, cake recipes and memories. Alongside this we asked about temptation and the forbidden, the naughty, the transgressive. Memories came thick and fast, which were written down then selected from, to write on cup-cakes I had prepared earlier.

Phil and Pauline
It's a treat to see an visual idea in my head become a reality, especially when its such a hit with everyone making (and eating it) There is something very satisfying about creating an edible poem, and I'm sure it will be a technique we will use again. (my children were particularly pleased that I managed to bring a couple home for them to sample)

strict but a heart of gold
We have a wonderful artist Joan and writer Joanne who are shadowing us on the Four Acre project.  Joanne edited the following poem from her notes with Joan.

A Big Bake Day  (with Joan)

two ovens     I smell
a leaded range
rice pudding
50 fairy cakes in a sweet jar
warmed Liberty bodice
porridge and toast
sugar in blue bags
conny onny
lavender polish
stale cake and custard
our own jam
tea leaves on the carpet
pobs from your mum if
you wasn’t well
Grandma’s copper in the scullery

Gather your elderberries on a warm July day

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