Friday, 18 March 2011

The reveal: The Bubble Project

I love the way Derek Dick from Warrington Museusm and Art Gallery promoted The Bubble Project's exhibition 'I used to say I'd run away but never actually got round to it'  The first stage was an article in the Warrington Guardian,
where it's described as a mystery appearance, (in true street art fashion) and asks for help identifying what it could be or where it came from.

The second article reveals the artists to be the Young Carers, There is also an interview with Roz Coleman, the manager of the Young Carers Group, and former Young Carer herself. she comments: "You learn yourself through art. Children need to have art – it’s self-expression." and “Art is a great place to be. You can be yourself, it gives you room to reveal and to hide."

You can view more photos from The Bubble Project at our flickr site 
and read about the making of the poems and artwork here

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