Saturday, 14 February 2009

Spring time / Feeling better

session at Cherry Tree hospital.

‘I dream and can’t distinguish between.
Remember the trains, but in a dream.
Dreamt about the trains coming home with the wounded.

But wasn’t born then’

One lady seemed comfortably involved in the discussion, however was hesitant when asked if she wanted to write and draw what she had said. Whilst writing, with her beautifully neat handwriting, she asked ‘is this right?’ Is there something about writing, about making a mark that is more permanent, that caused her to need approval from others? I was interested in this tentative nature especially when compared to another lady who was so keen to speak and write but was physically unable. It is this combination of delicate and determined that I like about arthur+martha’s work. Bold statements and images are created that challenge our typical assumptions of the elderly being too fragile. Yet, the disjointed words have a poignant element that captures the sense of confusion, uncertainty and frustration; not know if it was a dream or real, even right or wrong.

Anneke Kuipers.

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