Tuesday, 10 February 2009

E and F is for…

I’m taking a break from sorting the ton of paper work out… to continue our collection of reminiscences about ‘vintage’ over the counter and traditional remedies from the project ‘Patience’

"E and F is for..

Epsom salts
"A dose of that in the morning and you where off- for constipation it was horrible."

Fennings Fever Cure
"They set your teeth on edge, in little tiny tablet form, tiny tablet or powder form which had a nice taste. Another one we used to use."

Fennings little Lung Healers
"In little yellow and white pots, tiny tablets, mother used to take them when feeling a bit off, help your chest and lungs, mother a big believer in them. As long as a pinhead."

Fiery Jack
"Was a special ointment, used to rub it in for arthritis."

A finger stall
"You put it over the bandage, to keep it clean."

illustration ‘first aid case’ © Lois Blackburn 2009 www.loisblackburn.co.uk

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