Monday, 16 January 2017

A library within a library

The Homeless Library comes home to Manchester Central Library, Archives +  31st January to 31st March. 

THE HOMELESS LIBRARY is the first history of homelessness in Britain and has been made by contemporary homeless people. Their interviews, artworks and poems have been inscribed into handmade books. The Homeless Library celebrates their determination and insight. 

On the 31st January there will be a special Preview Opening, sharing the handmade books, full of artwork, poems and interviews. 

Complementing these are a selection of The Homeless Library audio pieces housed on the Archives+ Soundcloud 

The documentary film by John Felix The Homeless Library, will be shown and archived through the North West Film Archive.  You can also view it on youtube here. 

You can download a free copy of the Homeless Library ebook at Blurb,  Alongside the interviews, poems and artworks this book tells an emotional history. In Britain, the heritage of homelessness is brutally sparse. This is the first shared history of British homelessness. 

In the build up to the exhibition, Archives+ are re-tweeting out Tweet from Engels, 

You can view more photos at our portfolio site here. Including the beautiful portrait photos by Paul Jones.

Our thanks to everyone who has made this exhibition, archiving and event possible.

THE HOMELESS LIBRARY is an arthur+martha project, supported by The Heritage Lottery Fund.

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