Wednesday, 18 July 2012

wish for a good one

Barry's embroidered quilt

I was really pleased to be able to work alongside an artist who has inspired me the other week; Lynn Setterington joined us for the day at The Big Issue and The Booth Centre. The afternoon was particularly productive, memorable for me was the cajoling of Barry into creating his first embroidery- (Barry's not your typical embroiderer) With encouragement from Lynn, he produced a lovely piece and seemed very pleased with himself, if a little embarrassed. 


The warm and the cold

I enjoyed my day on the project and meeting everyone involved last Friday. It was really interesting to see another model of engagement and envy you the sharing of roles and delivery. Some of the stitched phrases and observations were so poignant and exact in their immediacy and sparseness. I am really looking forward to seeing all the results come together in the autumn. Using the denim was a nice idea, it’s a great signifier with universal currency and the marks from the worn jeans added history and pathos to the sewn words. Many thanks for letting me share in your day.

Lynn Setterington

Barry, Martin and Lynn

Peter's 'Absent Friends' collaboration with Lynn

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