Tuesday, 3 July 2012

the news reader

Afternoon 1-3 @ The Booth Centre: Mcr Cathedral

I am always interested to see how people approach a new medium- the pottery and glazes on offer were approached with a combination of wariness,  have- a- go and curiosity. It was clear to see that the process and sense of sharing in the afternoon group experience was enjoyed by all, a comfort for some and an empowering experience for others. A great mix of people with a great variety of skills to develop and ideas to share. It felt a privileged to be a part of this project and has inspired me to look at other possibilities and projects with this client group. 

Yvonne painting ceramic teapot

The afternoon flowed well, starting with an address to the group and a communal reading of poems and words gathered in previous weeks. Many lively and interesting characters filled to small room. Ambassador David was a cheery breath of fresh air enrobed in a positive melancholy, he threw in snippets of tragedy amidst the comedy that he acted out personally and to the group. He worked on a mug which held a glimpse of the difficulties he has faced and overcome but continues to feel pain. Malcombe (the news reader) worked on a long latte mug carefully chosen amongst the huge mugs, tiny ones and ordinary cups. He worked in between snoozes as I guarded the pottery from sure disaster.
Humour and humility reigned over us throughout the session, I offered techniques and colours in the hope that an idea would spark. The warm and the cold was inspired by The poet Ted Hughes an introduced the bitter sweet themes around the warm and the cold.

Claire Parker

Ivan and Claire

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