Friday, 17 September 2010

Patience: coming into

In response to our new book Patience, Advance Nurse Practitioner, Fiona Roscoe has written:

Patience' defined as 'the ability to wait or endure without complaint'. The term suggests dignity and stoicism. Qualities that emerge from the participants in this book when their thoughts are expressed. For eg/ 'Coming into hospital for the fifth time.... (Mary Anandale)
Fiona Roscoe RN DN MSc BSc(Hons) is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (Primary and Urgent Care)

Coming into hospital for the fifth time
coming into hospital for the fifth
hate to think of so many times
it’s a desperate thought
I don’t want to think it
get on and forget sadness
get on with it and remember only the
who you’ve been with
where you’ve been you’re not yourself
I’m so glad that they come
I’m so glad that they come
I can’t say how often but they do
it’s action for yourself
to see someone
to see some with the same
perhaps the same difficulties
you are not alone
there are many people like you for better or worse
there are many people who like you
good people there are many
friends of myself friends of I
my place
sat in my chair
saw my place sat in my chair
I can see so much from here
I wish
I can see I can hear.

Mary Arrandale

Anona Entwhistle

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